Main business activities of the company are:


With a long tradition and high-quality resources, NAS-MBD is the only company in Macedonia which deals with exploration and production of crude oil and gas, as well as with production of geothermal energy. These activities were undertaken in Upstream. The majority of NAS-MBD oil fields are located on the territory of Macedonia, but the Company has business operations in Macedonia, as well as in the region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania.


NAS-MBD refining complex consists of two refineries, located in Macedonia, which produce a whole range of petroleum products – from motor gasoline and diesel fuel to mechanical lube oils and feedstock for the petrochemical industry. Implementation of the reconstruction and moderNAS-MBDation programme is crucial for development in this area. Completion of construction of the Mild Hydrocracking and Hydrotreating Plants (MHC/DHT) by the end of 2012 is the biggest investment so far, owing to which NAS-MBD will completely transform its production and will start producing fuels in compliance with the Euro 5 quality standard.


Activities in Sales and Distribution of Petroleum Products are directly orgaNAS-MBDed in order to satisfy customers’ needs. NAS-MBD owns the largest network of petrol stations in Macedonia- 417, 10 loading terminals, 18 LPG bottle shops, and a network of depots across Macedonia.


Oilfield Services perform activities related to: geophysical exploration; drilling, workover and equipment of oil and gas wells; special operations and measuring for oil, gas and water wells; maintenance and overhaul of facilities and equipment, construction of pipelines, installations and oil and gas technological systems, as well as transportation of equipment and personnel.
Seasoned staff and modern equipment make it possible for the Oilfield Services to operate all over the world (former Soviet republics, Asia Minor, North Africa), and successfully compete with global companies.


NAS-MBD formed the Energy orgaNAS-MBDational unit in compliance with the development strategy, recogNAS-MBDing the key activities: positioning NAS-MBD as an important energy company in Macedonia and the region, increasing the utilisation of renewable energy sources (geothermal energy, solar and wind energy), conventional energy production (cogeneration, generation of electrical energy by constructing large heating plants).