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For the success of the company it is important that there is a system that provides opportunity to every employee not only to give their maximum contribution to the achivement of common goals and values, but also to see the results of their own work.The goal of NAS-MBD is to create a working environment that will engender professional and personal development of each employee. Professionalism, responsibility, initiative and enthusiasm are the basic values shared by employees.


• Recruitment
• HR Development
• Compensation System
• Social Responsibility
• Occupational Safety and Health

The company provides excellent opportunities for self-realization and advancement. Employees feel secure and protected owing to excellent working conditions, interesting and challenging work assignments and a simulating social package.

All employees have equal opportunities and are protected from any kind of discrimination regardless of nationality, gender, marital status, age and physical ablities.

NAS-MBD respects the civil rights of employees, laws governing the establishment of social associations and acknowledges the legal rights of employees to freedom of association. The company cooperates with representative trade unions and establishes relations based on mutual interest and respect for statutory regulations.

NAS-MBD seeks to create healthy and safe working environment, which means respect for the Law on Occupational Safety and Security as well as for the company’s standards in this field.